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College Football Scholarships By The Numbers

College football scholarships can be a great way to earn money for college, but they aren’t the only source of financial aid. Check out our award winning graphic below and learn more about where the real scholarship opportunities are.

Football Scholarships by the Numbers


Football Scholarships Aren’t the Only Way to Get Money For College

Football scholarships are seen by a lot of athletes as the only opportunity for them to afford a college education. What our graphic points out is that that is just not true. There is over 10 times more money available in scholarships for regular students then is available in athletic scholarships. Getting good grades and high ACT or SAT scores along with applying for every scholarship you qualify for is the best way to be able to afford college. 

College football scholarships at the NCAA D1A (FBS) level are all full ride scholarships also known as head count scholarships. However, this doesn’t mean that every football scholarship is a guaranteed full ride. Programs at the NCAA D1AA (FCS), NCAA D2 and NAIA levels usually only offer partial scholarships. College football teams at the NCAA D3 level do not offer any athletic scholarships but can offer very good finical aid packages for athletes depending on your needs.

If you want to play college football it is critical you understand how recruiting works in your region. 80% or more of a teams roster is made up of football players that grew up within 500 miles of that school. The best place to begin your search for a scholarship and get started with the football recruiting process is by looking at programs within your state and then within 500 miles of your hometown.

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