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Wisconsin No Longer Allowing Freshman Hosts

Adam Schrager of WISC-TV, Madison, WI’s CBS affiliate, details how a recruit’s conviction for sexual assault last fall has lead Wisconsin to change its recruiting policies. The major changes include no longer permitting freshman football players to host recruits on official visits and not permitting recruits on official visits to visit with individuals they know from home.

What prompted the changes was the conviction of Dominic Cizauskas, a recruit who was given alcohol by his host and another football player and who then sexually assaulted a woman he knew from high school.

Wisconsin had to report a violation of NCAA rules to the Big Ten conference for the players providing alcohol to a prospect. After the Colorado recruiting scandal, the NCAA required Division I schools to have institutional policies for official visits. The NCAA does not specify what has to be in those policies, but schools must have one. NCAA violations can result when activities “clearly demonstrate a disregard for stated policies”.

So now while there is no NCAA rule prohibiting freshman hosts (which is not a bad idea) or preventing recruits from visiting individuals they know from home, Wisconsin is now responsible for enforcing both of those additions to its recruiting policy. Failure to do so may result in another, more serious NCAA violation.

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