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Secrets to Finding Colleges that Offer Scholarships in Your Sport

Researching colleges is an essential part of the recruiting process—it will help you find all the information about the things a college has to offer, including academics, majors, athletic programs, and financial aid opportunities.

There Are No Shortcuts

If you are looking to find the easy way to get an athletic scholarship, you need to know that there is no easy way. There is no standard form you fill out which grants you an athletic scholarship at any college in the country. Instead, what you will need to do to be eligible for an athletic scholarship is to put in the time and the research. Most importantly, you need to ask yourself—what are you looking for in the ultimate college experience?

Student athletes all want to say they have the best athletic skills and hope to be offered a full ride to college for their skills, when in actuality, it is extremely difficult to get recruited if college coaches don’t know who you are. Getting recruited takes time; athletes need to be able to market themselves and learn all they can about potential colleges that are out there so they can find the best opportunity.

If you are only interested in finding an athletic scholarship, you may be limiting yourself in your college experience. Recruits need to realize that college is going to be more than just sports; you need to consider your education just as much as finding the right team.

Being a Part of a Team is More than Just Showing up to Practice and Playing in Games

Think about the teams you have been a part of in the past. What did you like and dislike about the team? What made the team work? What kind of coach will you benefit from? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when you start searching out potential college teams you want to play for. As you concentrate on your search, keep your thirst for a scholarship in the background in order to determine what it is you need from college—if worse comes to worst and you are not offered an athletic scholarship.

The best way to meet and get to know a team more is by taking official and unofficial visits. This will allow you to meet with the coaching staff and players and learn insights about the athletic program, which will benefit you in your quest to find the perfect college.

To sum everything up: recruits need to be able to look at the big picture. They need to be able to consider all aspects of the college experience and understand how they will be successful.

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