What level can I play in college?

Determining the right division level to play in college depends two factors. How good are you now and how good can you be?  Despite what you think, it is not based solely on your height, weight and athleticism. How good they are now – coaches are always looking for recruits who can come in and […]

What are my chances of playing college sports?

Most people who ask this question are actually asking “what are my chances of getting a full ride scholarship to play my sport in college?” Getting a full ride scholarship at the number one school on your list is very rare. The athletes who have the most success in recruiting process are looking at 15-20 […]

What Are the Recruiting Regulations?

NCAA Recruiting Rules Regulations The rules books for college sports are big, heavy books with hundreds of rules and thousands of interpretations. As a recruit or a parent, you are not responsible for knowing these rules. Most college coaches don’t even know the majority of the rules, their compliance staff is responsible for making sure […]

What happens during the recruiting process?

The recruiting process is about a coach evaluating you, you evaluating the school/coach and making sure you are going to meet the academic requirements. The process is not quick and it is not easy, but you are making a very important decision when selecting a college and it is important to take the time in […]

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