What is a verbal scholarship offer?

When a college coach offers a scholarship to a potential student-athlete verbally, this is considered a verbal scholarship offer. Verbal scholarships are not binding, but more of an agreement that the student-athlete will attend their school and sign an NLI. A verbal scholarship offer is not a binding agreement. At any time, a student-athlete or […]

Do I have to sign an NLI if I have made a verbal commitment?

That depends on which institution you plan on attending. A verbal commitment is stating your intention to enroll in a particular school, and that school’s promise to give you financial aid but it is not official. It is a non-binding oral agreement between you and the university. An NLI is an official binding agreement that […]

What is a verbal commitment?

 The verbal commitment is a “gentlemen’s agreement,” in which both parties promise to remain committed until an official declaration, such as the signing of a National Letter of Intent or an offer of admission. A verbal commitment is appropriate when a coach and a prospect agree they have a proper and mutual fit scholastically […]

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