Sports Recruiting

How do I get recruited?

Proactively contacting a coach to introduce yourself is the most important part of the recruiting process. Start by creating a list of schools you’re interested in. Research whether or not those schools have the sport you want to play. Once you have an initial list set up you can start focusing on putting together a […]

How long does the recruiting process take?

I have seen the process take 4+ years with elite recruits who had been dealing with coaches since the 8th grade. I have also seen recruits in the last few months of their senior year get really lucky and find a program that needed someone. They were very lucky a scholarship was available, they had […]

What is my coach’s role in recruiting?

Many high school athletes assume that their high school or club coach will get them recruited to a college athletic program. Most of the time, this is not the case. While your coach is a terrific resource when it comes to advice and tips for recruiting, they will not do the work for you. If […]

What Are the Recruiting Regulations?

NCAA Recruiting Rules Regulations The rules books for college sports are big, heavy books with hundreds of rules and thousands of interpretations. As a recruit or a parent, you are not responsible for knowing these rules. Most college coaches don’t even know the majority of the rules, their compliance staff is responsible for making sure […]

What happens during the recruiting process?

The recruiting process is about a coach evaluating you, you evaluating the school/coach and making sure you are going to meet the academic requirements. The process is not quick and it is not easy, but you are making a very important decision when selecting a college and it is important to take the time in […]

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