What are the Junior College eligibility requirements?

Students looking to transfer from Junior College have to meet different requirements than those coming in directly from high school. These students have transferable college credits to take with them to another university, so they need to make sure that they’ve taken the correct courses and meet the admission requirements in order to transfer. Junior […]

What are the athletic scholarship requirements?

To earn an athletic scholarship, there are several things that college coaches are looking for. They want to recruit student-athletes who are dedicated, team-oriented, strong, and successful. But of course, college coaches will also want to recruit high school athletes with great physical attributes and mastered athletic skills. The athletic scholarship requirements vary with each […]

What are the NAIA requirements?

The NAIA Eligibility Center will determine your eligibility based on your academic records and on some other information that they request. Your academics are the key component to becoming eligible in the NAIA. In order to meet the NAIA requirements, you need to qualify for two of these three benchmarks: 1. A minimum score of […]

What are the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements?

When determining eligibility, the NCAA looks at two major aspects of a student-athlete’s profile: academic and athletic eligibility. To determine academic eligibility the NCAA examines your core classes, as well as your GPA compared to your standardized test score, either SAT or ACT. This is known as the sliding scale. To be academically eligible to […]

What are the NJCAA academic requirements?

The NJCAA has certain academic requirements you must meet in order to compete for any of their member schools. These requirements are different than both the NCAA and NAIA qualifications, and tend to be less complex at the NJCAA levels. To meet the NJCAA academic requirements, you need to graduate from high school or receive […]

What are the NAIA Academic Requirements?

In order to be academically eligible to compete in the NAIA, you have to meet certain requirements set forth by the NAIA Eligibility Center. The NAIA’s academic requirements are different than the NCAA requirements, so make sure that you don’t get them confused. In order to be eligible for the NAIA as in incoming freshman, […]

What are the NCAA academic requirements?

The NCAA Eligibility Center requires that high school athletes meet minimum qualifications if they want to compete for an NCAA program. Here are the requirements for a Division I school: ~Graduate from high school ~Complete these 16 core courses ~Earn a minimum required grade-point average in your core courses ~Earn a combined SAT or ACT […]

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