Does registering with the NCAA Clearinghouse get me recruited?

Registering with the Clearinghouse (also called the Eligibility Center) does not get you recruited; it is simply a step in the recruiting process for NCAA DI and II athletes. The majority of recruits and their families are registering with the NCAA without knowing why or what it will do for them. Here are some important […]

Does my coach get me recruited?

Because each coach runs their program different, it is impossible to give general advice on how to best work with your coach. That said, we have been helping athletes with the recruiting process for over 10 years and have seen all sorts of good and bad coaches in that time. Below are some of the […]

If I receive a letter from a coach does that mean I am being recruited?

Just getting a letter from a college coach does not mean you are being seriously recruited. Some programs send out thousands of letters to a mailing list of student athletes just to see who is interested. That said, if you are receiving specific kinds of letters it could mean you are being seriously recruited and […]

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