What happens if I change my mind on an NLI?

When you sign the NLI with an institution, you are committing yourself to at least one year at that school in exchange for scholarship aid. Once you have signed an NLI with a school, you are no longer able to be recruited by other coaches. If you change your mind about the NLI you have […]

If I sign an NLI can I still play for a non-NLI school?

Yes, you can sign an NLI with one school, and then go play for another if they ‘re not part of the NLI program. When you sign an NLI, you are committing yourself to that school for at least one school year. In exchange, you’re being awarded financial aid in the form of an athletic […]

How do I submit my NLI?

When an institution sends you an NLI, it will be during the signing period for your sport. You have a certain amount of days to sign it and return it to that school. When you sign your NLI, you should make sure you sign it in duplicate. Then you keep one copy and send the […]

Do I need an NLI if I am walking on?

No, you will not sign an NLI as a walk-on. Walk-on athletes are non-scholarship team members so an NLI is not required. An NLI is only considered valid when it is accompanied by a financial aid award letter issued from the school. So walk on athletes will not sign an NLI. An athletic scholarship is […]

Do I have to sign an NLI if I have made a verbal commitment?

That depends on which institution you plan on attending. A verbal commitment is stating your intention to enroll in a particular school, and that school’s promise to give you financial aid but it is not official. It is a non-binding oral agreement between you and the university. An NLI is an official binding agreement that […]

Do I have to sign a NLI?

 While high school athletes are not required to sign a National Letter of Intent, or NLI, there are several reasons to do so. By signing an NLI, a high school athlete is committing themselves to a college program for at least a year in exchange for financial aid. Once an athlete signs an NLI, […]

Am I guaranteed playing time with an NLI?

 Signing an NLI with a school does not guarantee you playing time on their team. While earning a scholarship with a college program is a good sign that you are good enough to play for that team, the only thing that the NLI can guarantee is the scholarship money you will earn that year. […]

How do I fulfill the NLI?

The NLI is a written agreement between you and the college where you plan to enroll . It ‘s a binding contract requiring you to attend that school for at least one year. In exchange, the school is required to supply you with a specified amount of financial aid and an athletic or academic scholarship […]

What is a National Letter of Intent?

This is a binding contract between you and the school for one year. Once you have signed this contract you are committed to that school for one year and you are no longer eligible to sign with a different program. More information is available at

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