Junior College

What are the Junior College eligibility requirements?

Students looking to transfer from Junior College have to meet different requirements than those coming in directly from high school. These students have transferable college credits to take with them to another university, so they need to make sure that they’ve taken the correct courses and meet the admission requirements in order to transfer. Junior […]

What is the NJCAA?

The National Junior College Athletic Association is the organization that facilitates the sports and athletes at the Junior College/Community College level. The NJCAA is comprised of 525 schools in 24 regions in the United States, and has three division levels: I, II, and III. Similar to the NCAA and NAIA, the NJCAA was organized to […]

What are the NJCAA academic requirements?

The NJCAA has certain academic requirements you must meet in order to compete for any of their member schools. These requirements are different than both the NCAA and NAIA qualifications, and tend to be less complex at the NJCAA levels. To meet the NJCAA academic requirements, you need to graduate from high school or receive […]

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