How do I submit my NLI?

When an institution sends you an NLI, it will be during the signing period for your sport. You have a certain amount of days to sign it and return it to that school. When you sign your NLI, you should make sure you sign it in duplicate. Then you keep one copy and send the […]

How will a coach find me?

The traditional advice about how to get discovered by coaches was to attend the big tournaments, combines and showcases that coaches have attended in the past and hope you catch a someone’s attention. This is how the process worked for decades, but it doesn’t work very well. Thousands of qualified student athletes were not getting […]

How do I take the ACT?

For college admissions, you will be required to take either the SAT or ACT. In order to take the ACT, you will need to register for a scheduled test date. You can do this on the College Board website at When you go to register, make sure you register for a date that works […]

How do I take the SAT?

The SAT is a required admissions test for most colleges and universities. When it comes time to register for the SAT, you’ll need to go to the College Board website at College admissions put a lot of weight into your SAT test scores and it ‘s important to do your best. This means taking […]

How do I get recruited by a college coach?

Proactively contacting a coach to introduce yourself is the most important part of the recruiting process. Start by creating a list of schools you’re interested in. Research whether or not those schools have the sport you want to play. Once you have an initial list set up you can start focusing on putting together a […]

What happens during the recruiting process?

The recruiting process is about a coach evaluating you, you evaluating the school/coach and making sure you are going to meet the academic requirements. The process is not quick and it is not easy, but you are making a very important decision when selecting a college and it is important to take the time in […]

How do I get an athletic scholarship?

The details of getting an athletic scholarship vary from sport to sport, but the most important aspect of getting an athletic scholarship is reaching out to coaches to introduce yourself. Many athletes feel just because they are good at their sport a coach will discover them. This may be true for a very small percentage […]

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