When can I contact a college coach?

You are allowed to email or call a college coach at anytime. NCAA rules restrict when and how a coach can respond to you; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be reaching out to coaches as soon as you identify that school as one you are interested in. How coaches can talk to recruits before […]

How do I get the contact information for a college coaches?

Most athletes and families don’t realize the contact information (phone and email) for almost every college coach is listed on their schools website. In addition, there are several different recruiting agencies that also have that information available for free. Here are two options for finding the contact information for coaches. On the school’s team website […]

What is a contact period?

A contact period is a defined segment of time in recruiting where college coaches are permitted to have face-to-face or in person contact (in addition to phone calls and emails) with prospective student athletes or their parents. This includes meetings, watching the athletes compete and visit their high schools, and write or call the athletes […]

What does contact with a coach mean?

An official contact according to the NCAA is “any time a coach has any face-to-face contact with you or your parents off the college’s campus and says more than hello”. The NCAA regulates how, when, and how often a college coach can contact you during the recruiting process. Many Division 1 coaches begin their recruiting […]

How do I contact the NAIA Eligibility Center?

You can contact the NAIA Eligibility Center via phone, email, or fax. The NAIA’s toll free phone number is (866)881-6242. You can reach them by email at The NAIA’s fax number is (816)595-8301. To mail transcripts to the NAIA send them to: NAIA Eligibility Center P.O. Box 15340 Kansas City, MO 64106 The NAIA’s […]

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