When can I visit a college?

Student athletes can visit a coach on that coaches campus at anytime, as long as they pay their own way. These types of visits are called unofficial visits and have become a big part of the recruiting process. Because college coaches are recruiting players during their freshman and sophomore years in high school, the only […]

When can I contact a college coach?

You are allowed to email or call a college coach at anytime. NCAA rules restrict when and how a coach can respond to you; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be reaching out to coaches as soon as you identify that school as one you are interested in. How coaches can talk to recruits before […]

How do I get the contact information for a college coaches?

Most athletes and families don’t realize the contact information (phone and email) for almost every college coach is listed on their schools website. In addition, there are several different recruiting agencies that also have that information available for free. Here are two options for finding the contact information for coaches. On the school’s team website […]

Am I good enough to play college sports?

There are two ways to answer this question. First is by having college coaches and scouts evaluate you in person or on film. Second, is by doing research on your own and being honest about where you stack up against current college athletes at the schools you are interested in. For individual sports like track […]

What level can I play in college?

Determining the right division level to play in college depends two factors. How good are you now and how good can you be?  Despite what you think, it is not based solely on your height, weight and athleticism. How good they are now – coaches are always looking for recruits who can come in and […]

What are my chances of playing college sports?

Most people who ask this question are actually asking “what are my chances of getting a full ride scholarship to play my sport in college?” Getting a full ride scholarship at the number one school on your list is very rare. The athletes who have the most success in recruiting process are looking at 15-20 […]

How do I get recruited by a college coach?

Proactively contacting a coach to introduce yourself is the most important part of the recruiting process. Start by creating a list of schools you’re interested in. Research whether or not those schools have the sport you want to play. Once you have an initial list set up you can start focusing on putting together a […]

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