Amateur Status

How do I get my NAIA amateur status back?

 The NAIA can take away your amateur status if you become a professional in a particular sport. There are four conditions an athlete must satisfy to get their amateur status back. Discontinue violation of NAIA amateur-standing regulations. You will be charged a season of competition for every year you competed at a professional level. […]

Do I still have my amateurism status?

Whether or not you have your amateur status depends on multiple factors. For Division I, II, and III sports, the NCAA reviews nine different aspects of an athlete’s profile to determine eligibility. Any violation of these nine factors may result in penalization or lose of eligibility with the NCAA. Contracts with a professional team: Most […]

What is the Amateurism Certificate?

In order to compete in collegiate sports, athletes need to get cleared with an Amateurism Certificate through the Eligibility Center. The Amateurism certificate confirms that you have maintained an amateur status through your athletic experience and before you enter collegiate sports. The NCAA wants to ensure that all athletes who compete in college have an […]

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