Academic Scholarship

Can I combine my athletic and academic scholarship?

Absolutely. There are many high school athletes who earn both academic and athletic scholarships and are able to combine both for a larger financial aid package. It happens most often with good students who want to attend colleges that can’t afford to give them a significant athletic scholarship. That’s why it’s so important to be […]

Can a coach take away my scholarship without telling me?

The subject of losing a scholarship is always very touchy because the process is never easy. Usually, if you ask a coach and the athlete what the story is, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Almost never does an athlete just have their scholarship taken away (usually they never had it in the first […]

Can I get a full-ride scholarship?

It is always possible that if you are talented enough you could get a full-ride scholarship. However, full-rides are much more the exception and not the rule for college sports. The majority of athletic scholarships are not full-rides. Additionally, most college athletes are not on scholarship at all. Sports that guarantee full-ride scholarships There are […]

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