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#11 Recruiting Corner: Restricting Transfers, Recruiting as a Spectacle?, Are Today’s Parents Too Involved?

Do you have questions? Leave them in the comments below or find us on Facebook or Twitter. Josh: Hey guys, we are now in the third week of February. Welcome back to another round of the Recruiting Corner. Welcoming to the recruiting panel Andrew Bruno, how are you doing? Andrew: Hey Josh, I’m excited to […]

#10 Recruiting Corner: Walking-on at a University and Multi-year Scholarships

Do you have a question you want answered? Ask your question in the comments below. Joshua: And we’re back for another round of The Recruiting Corner, bringing you the latest breaking news in college recruiting. David, what is on our schedule today? David: Lots of things going on. We go back to multi-year scholarships. NCAA Division […]

#9 Recruiting Corner: Grey Shirting and Gauging a Coaches Interest

Do you have questions you want answered on the recruiting corner? Leave them in the comments below. Joshua: Hey, guys. Another round of The Recruiting Corner coming at you. Joshua Zimmerman, David Frank. How’s it going David? David: Going really well. Joshua: Fantastic. David: Lots of great news coming this week. We’ll be covering all […]

#8 Recruiting Corner: Do High School Sports Matter Anymore?

Do you have questions you want answered on the Recruiting Corner? Ask them in the comments below. Joshua: Hey guys, welcome back to another round of The Recruiting Corner. Joshua Zimmerman, David Frank, as always. How are things going? David: Going well, loving it. Obviously, if you don’t know, signing day was this week, this […]

#7 Recruiting Corner: Universities Monitoring Facebook, NCAA DII Changes

In this weeks recruiting corner we cover new NCAA D2 recruiting rules, Georgia Tech pulling a scholarship offer from a 11 month commit, twitter impacting the recruiting process for Shaq Thompson and Kyle Kalis and answer our facebook question of the week. Do you have questions you want answered on next weeks recruiting corner? Leave […]

#6 Recruiting Corner: Landon Collins, Gunner Kiel, Recruiting Mom’s

On this weeks recruiting corner we cover some of the biggest news in the world of college recruiting. Athnet VP David Frank makes his first appearance on the Recruiting Corner and joins your usual host Joshua Zimmerman. Our topics include: • The NCAA is pushing for $2,000 increase on top of full-ride scholarships. The Universities voted almost unanimously […]

#5 Recruiting Corner: National Signing Day

It’s January of 2012 which means recruiting has intensified tenfold for all of the sports in college. What does this mean for you? This means that NOW is the time to get recruited, not sit on your couch and wait for something to happen. Coaches right now are scouring the country looking to lock up […]

#4 Recruiting Corner: Financing College as an College Athlete

On this week’s episode we cover a very important topic, the financial obligations of making your college decisions. These decisions are very important because for every dollar you take you out from the bank to either completely pay for or supplement a scholarship you were awarded you must pay back the dollar plus some interest. If […]

#3 Recruiting Corner: The GPA in College Recruiting

It is your responsibility and your responsibility alone to meet the NCAA academic eligibility requirements. One of the most critical components to your eligibility is your GPA. In this weeks Recruiting Corner we cover what the GPA is and how it will impact your college recruiting. GPA stands for Grade Point Average, most high schools […]

#2 Recruiting Corner: The College Recruiting Process

This week on “The Recruiting Corner” we wanted to highlight the overall recruiting process by explaining that you or someone you know has likely been through this process before. If you haven’t gotten started with the recruiting process here are some great articles on getting the basics down. Setting up your recruiting email and writing […]

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