Writing an Athletic and Academic Resume College Coaches Want to See

High school athletes who want to play in college and find an athletic scholarship must take the extra step of submitting resumes to college coaches. It is your responsibility to get recruited and if you aren’t already talking with coaches you need to create a resume and contact them yourself. Use these tips to make […]

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4 Biggest Myths About The Recruiting Contact Period

I can only speak with coaches during the contact period You are allowed to speak with a coach almost anytime as long as you initiate the conversation. This means you can call and visit a coach on their campus even during your freshman year and they can talk with you about playing for them. You […]

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College Athletes Earn $1 Million More Over Their Lifetime

There has been a lot of talk about how full-ride scholarships are not covering the full costs of tuition. There are two sides to the argument. One side thinks full-scholarship athletes should get more money to offset the costs of attending school and others say that the current full-ride scholarships are more than adequate. There […]

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