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Can I get a refund for my Eligibility Center fee?

Once you pay your fee for the NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Center/Clearinghouse you will not be able to get a refund if you are not recruited. Over 100,000 athletes register with the NCAA each year and never have their information requested by college coaches, you only want to register if you are going to be recruited.

Here is a checklist you can use to ensure you should be registering and paying the fee.

  • First make sure you aren’t eligible for a fee waiver – If you received a fee waiver for the SAT or ACT  test or are on other forms of financial assistance you might be eligible to have the fee for the NCAA waived. If you think you might qualify, have your high school councilor check here.
  • Wait until you are being recruited by a DI or DII coach – This is the number one reason athletes register and pay for the NCAA Eligibility Center unnecessarily. Registering with the NCAA does not get you recruited and is not a necessary step so coaches can contact you; that all happens before you register.
  • Register the beginning of your Junior Year – If you are being recruited by DI or DII coaches you should register early in your Junior year. If you wait until later in the year, your account will not be processed until all of that year’s seniors have their final status determined.

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