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What happens if I am not cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center?

Every prospective student athlete who wants to compete in sports in college needs to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. This center is in charge of certifying that student athletes are academically and athletically able to play, according to NCAA rules. When you register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, you will provide information about your grades, school, test scores, and competition experience. In order to be eligible to play sports in college, you need to be cleared.

In the event that a student athlete is not cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center, they may be able to appeal the decision. Depending on what caused them to be ruled ineligible, an athlete can work with an administrator at the Eligibility Center to see if an appeal might be warranted.

The NCAA Eligibility Center website makes it easier for high school athletes to keep track of the process and what exactly they need to do to become eligible. As long as the athlete does what they need to academically and athletically, then the process for them should be a fairly smooth one.

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