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Do I have to register with the NCAA or NAIA?

In order to be eligible to compete in college sports at the NCAA and NAIA levels, you will need to register with their respective Eligibility Centers at some point. It is recommended that you register as you enter your junior year only if you know for sure that you will be playing at either level. Make sure you know which division level you are able to compete at before you register for any Eligibility Center; this will save you both time and money.

You should start researching colleges and universities so you know which schools you want to target in your recruiting efforts. It’s a good idea to contact those college coaches and start conversations with them about playing for their schools. As you get into deeper discussions with them, you will get a better idea of where you are most suited to play. Then, you can register for the correct Eligibility Center. The NCAA and NAIA registration fees are $65 for U.S. students and $85-$95 for international students.

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