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Does registering with the NCAA Clearinghouse get me recruited?

Registering with the Clearinghouse (also called the Eligibility Center) does not get you recruited; it is simply a step in the recruiting process for NCAA DI and II athletes. The majority of recruits and their families are registering with the NCAA without knowing why or what it will do for them. Here are some important facts about the NCAA Eligibility Center/Clearinghouse you need to understand.

  • Over 180,000 athletes register with the NCAA each year, only 76,000 of those athletes have their information requested by universities and coaches. This means they were not being seriously recruited or recruited at all. How do I know if I am being recruited?
  • Over 100,000 athletes register with the NCAA and never have their information reviewed. Your eligibility is only reviewed if your information is requested by a university or college coach.
  • The NCAA receives over 500,000 pieces of mail each year, with the majority of that mail going directly into a warehouse and not being processed.
  • The NCAA receives over 180,000 phone calls each year, but you cannot call the NCAA to get an update on your eligibility status. You must complete your online profile and have that information requested by a coach and/or university.
  • The NCAA eligibility requirements are changing for the class of 2016 and will make it impossible for an athlete who falls behind academically to catch up in their senior year. You need to work with your high school councilor or the college coaches recruiting you to make sure you are on track to be eligible.

Here are some of the most important pages regarding the NCAA Eligibility Center/Clearinghouse and your eligibility. Please contact me if you have specific questions about what to do next. You can contact me on Google+ (my email is available there) or create a recruiting profile on our site and a national scout can contact you.

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