About Arkansas Baptist College

Unlike most educational centers which screen the best gifted students, Arkansas Baptist College, a historically Black Baptist higher learning institution, extends academic and spiritual growth opportunities to all students determined to make a difference in their personal and community life. Located in the west of Mississippi, Arkansas Baptist offers the most cost effective tuitions in Arkansas combined with quality education in terms of educational programs, excellent faculty and facility. With small class set-up, the students get the benefits of a personalized mentoring, which not only focuses on academic theories and practical training but also spiritual and community service. The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Colleges and Schools for its quality offerings of certificate, two year and four year degree programs in various interests.

Athletics Department of Arlington Baptist College

The goal of the athletics department of Arlington Baptist College aligns with the college’s devotion to create an atmosphere that promotes intellectual, physical, and spiritual well-being. The department specifically tackles the physical and fitness dimension by supporting sports activities not only for the athletes, but also for non-varsity students. Fitness is promoted for the entire school population and facilities are provided to achieve the goal of the department.

Athletic Programs of Arlington Baptist College

The varsity sports program of Arkansas Baptist College fully supports eight sports teams which include football, wrestling, men’s baseball, women’s softball, men and women’s track& field, men and women’s basketball, and football that competes in the prestigious National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA) as a Region 2 member. Arlington Baptist is the only college in Arkansas that has a two year football and wrestling programs. A full support system is provided to the athletes through excellent coaching, complete training staff, proper sports facilities, and guidance on their personal and academic activities. ABC is an exemplary producer of athletes that do well in sports and academics.

OFFICIAL SPORTS TEAM: Arkansas Baptist College Buffalos

The entire school, including the die-hard student fans, athletic director, and head coaches are always proud of the Arkansas Baptist College Buffalos for their tremendous efforts inside and outside the sports arenas. These athletes have brought honor to the college as individual or as team players. Among the recognized individual achievements are Golden Glove Award, First Team All-Region, and Honorable Mention All-Region in the NJCAA. The athletes also proved their mettle in academic performance by receiving the NJCAA Academic All-American Honors, wherein they have to maintain a 3. 6 grade during 4 full time semesters. Exemplary Academic Achievement and the Superior Academic Achievement Award were also awarded to several Buffalo athletes.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Arkansas Baptist College

Arkansas Baptist College is an equal opportunity educational provider and is willing to accommodate as many students as it can in their financial aid and scholarship programs. Grants and loans are available as a financial aid for need-based students. The college in partnership with public and private, individual and group donors sustains educational growth as a commitment to the economic well being of the community. Donors usually set the criteria for eligibility in each particular program. Student athletes are supported with a scholarship program that allows them to complete their degrees and play on the sports teams that represent the college in various intercollegiate competitions.

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