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Playing sports at the college level is an opportunity afforded to only a select few high school athletes. Of the more than one million high school athletes across the United States, fewer than 5 percent go on to play sports in college, and fewer than 1 percent go on to play at the division I level. This may lead you to believe that only 5 percent of high school athletes have the talent to play college sports, but a more realistic assessment of the situation shows us that this is simply not the case. Many athletes have the athletic makeup to compete at the college level but simply do not have a strong-enough knowledge of the recruiting process to make them an attractive recruit. Coaches go through thousands of resumes each month, and if your resume does not contain the minute details that can make a resume stand out, yours will be lost in the clutter of the piles of other resumes that did not catch the coach’s eye.

To stand out, coaches look for certain key phrasing and details that can be the difference between a scholarship and spending the season in the stands. Unless you know the ins and outs of the recruiting process, more likely than not, you will fail to include these crucial details. This is where a recruiting service can be invaluable in getting you on a coach’s radar and eventually on his team. With more than ten years of experience in recruiting high school athletes, Athletic Scholarships Sports Recruiting has helped thousands of high school athletes through the recruiting process to achieve their dream of playing college sports. With a track record of more than 85 percent of our clients receiving financial aid to play college sports, we can help you find your way into a college roster. Many athletes attempt to recruit themselves and are successful at sending their resumes to the schools they are interested in. But more often than not, these athletes are only aware of the glamorous division I powerhouses such as Texas, Duke, and UCLA; and unless you are definitively one of the top athletes in your state, the chances are very slim that you will be invited to play for one of these schools. With a complete database of more than 12,000 college coaches, has the resources to put you into contact with every coach in the country, greatly increasing the chances that you will catch a program’s eye.

When you contact us here at Athnet, our team of recruiting coaches can assist you every step of the way as you navigate the exciting experiences of being recruited to play college sports. We will work with you to gather your complete high school athletic and academic records to compile a resume that we know will stand out from the stack of others that a college coach must sift through.

Our website is also well versed in all NCAA and NAIA sports and their rules. Many high school athletes are successfully recruited but are unaware of the various recruiting violations that can make an athlete ineligible to play at the college level. With our knowledge of the recruiting guidelines, we are here to check up on you and keep you from making a decision that could cost you your scholarship. Our service has previously recruited hundreds of athletes to play college sports, taking the confusing and often-stressful process out of your hands, leaving you with only one tough decision to make: which team do you want to sign with?

Written by David Frank

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