About Arizona Western College

A community college situated at Yuma, Arizona, the Arizona Western College offers approximately 98 programs on A. A., A. Bus. , A. S., A. G. S., or A. A. S. degrees or occupational certificate. These programs combine classroom theories with practical training in line with the college’s belief in empowering students to attain their educational and career aspirations. The college also offers classes in San Louis, Somerton, Marine Corp Air Station, Wellton, Dateland, and La Paz and is also one of the few community colleges in the U. S. that has on-campus housing facility. The Main Campus has three Residence Halls which can house 116 residents for a total of 348 residents, consisting of approximately 58% athletes. Arizona Western is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission North Central Association.

Athletics Department of Arizona Western College

The athletics department of Arizona Western College provides the environment, and support for the physical well being of all students, whether they pursue high athletic ambitions or are looking for a recreational alternative to their hectic academic activities. Aside from carefully planning athletic, intramural sports, and fitness programs, Arizona Western provides state-of-the-art facilities that include the Veteran Memorial Stadium, an ideal football field; the AWC Field, which is well suited for soccer and softball; “The House”-AWC Gymnasium, a multi-purpose venue for volleyball and basketball; and the Walt Kammann Field, which hosts baseball.

Athletic Programs of Arizona Western College

The athletic programs of Arizona Western College include fielding 8 intercollegiate teams that cover basketball, football, baseball and soccer for men; women’s sports include basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball. Besides having a strong commitment to excellence in academics aside from athletics, the team players are able to compete against high level teams in tournaments sanctioned by National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), Arizona Community College Athletic Conference (ACCAC), and the Western State Football League (WSFL). Arizona Western views these competitions as a showcase for good sportsmanship and honor for the student-athletes.

OFFICIAL SPORTS TEAM: Arizona Western College Matadors

With tremendous support from the school and their fan base, the Arizona Western College Matadors has produced excellent results as a team or individually. They were finalist at the 2011 and 1972 NJCAA football championship. And in the same sport, they have a respectable 9-2 season wins record in 2009 and 10-2 season in 2010 and obtained top junior players national recognition.

The Matadors has an impressive list of players who made it big in the top professional leagues including NBA players like 8th overall draft pick of the Toronto Raptors, Rafael Araujo; Jeff Livingston and Bengie Molina of professional baseball; the football team produced NFL players Chuck Muncie, Leonard Thomson, Crawford Ker, Ricky Siglar, and Chris Jennings.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Arizona Western College

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at Arizona Western College serves as the bridge for the school to realize its generous intention of assisting as many students as possible to get a degree. Aid funds donated by federal state, institutional organization and private entities are funneled to scholarships and grants with criteria for selection set by the donors. Scholarships are grouped into the Scholarship by Category, AWC Foundation Scholarships, and AWC Institutional Scholarships. Grants are need-based aid like the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and the Arizona State Grants. The office highly recommends students to exhaust all scholarship and grant opportunities before attempting a third choice. The loan aid option, although offered at a relatively low interest rate still needs repayment.

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