Senior year & Recruiting

College Recruiting Options for High School Seniors

Are you a student-athlete that wants a chance to continue your career at the college level, but haven’t found an opportunity yet? Or, perhaps you want to develop more either athletically or academically before going to college. A post-graduate year of study and athletic competition may be for you. What is a Post-Graduate Student? Post-graduate […]

How to Get Recruited If You Have Graduated High School

If you are a high school graduate, then this article is for you. After reading this, you will have an understanding of what you will have to do in order to compete at the college level. It May Not be too Late High school graduates can still be considered eligible for college competition, unless they […]

The 6 Biggest College Recruiting Decisions to Make Your Senior Year

In the sports recruiting process, senior year is a big year. It comes with all sorts of deadlines, dates to remember, and a huge decision come spring. But before you make the final decision on what college you’ll be attending, there are several little but significant choices you must make in order to get you there. As […]

The 7 Most Important Senior Year College Recruiting Deadlines

In the recruiting process, senior year is crucial. By senior year, your athlete should already be well into the recruiting process, having contacted coaches and developed those relationships. High school athletes heading into their senior year should have a list of schools that they have researched and coaches they are speaking with, because they will […]

5-Point College Recruiting Checklist for High School Seniors

As a high school senior, you should be in your final steps of the recruiting process. If you aren’t actively talking with coaches, it is critical you get started contacting coaches right away. For recruits who have been talking with coaches, it can be a very nerve wracking time. By double-checking the five points below […]

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