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Division III Advances Recruiting Proposals, Looks at Nontraditional Seasons

The Division III Presidents Council advanced two recruiting proposals and considered issues regarding DIII’s nontraditional seasons with taking any action last week. The recruiting legislation had previously been discussed by the DIII Management Council and Recruiting Working Group and included the following proposals:

  • To allow contact on the day of a prospect’s competition at any time the prospect is not “on call”; and
  • To allow coaches to contact prospects after their sophomore year of high school (currently after junior year of high school).

Those proposals will be voted on by the Division III membership at the NCAA Convention in January 2015.

The Presidents Council also discussed nontraditional seasons, which are shorter and include less competition than in Division I. Division III also does not allow any offseason or out-of-season athletically related activity. The mood seems to favor expanded contact between coaches and athletes during the nontraditional season, but without creating a free-for-all that leads to excessive time demands on athletes. The Presidents Council asked the Management Council to discuss the ideas further, then come back in August with some more concrete ideas.

The Presidents Council also adopted the Management Council’s recommendation to delay an increase in championship per diem for budgetary reasons. And while it was not before the Presidents Council, the group expressed concern at the ramifications of possibly allowing graduate students to play at institutions other than where they graduated.

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