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NCAA Has Clear Reason to Investigate UNC

For a long time, I’ve been bearish on the likelihood of the NCAA punishing the University of North Carolina for bogus/no-show classes involving student-athletes for a couple of reasons. First, almost the exact same behavior at Michigan and Auburn never lead to any NCAA violations or penalties. And second, the NCAA membership defeated a proposal […]

NCAA Refusing to Accept Courses at Boston Area High School

The NCAA Eligibility Center has refused to accept Curriculum 2 courses from Newton South High School, near Boston. Curriculum 2 is a series of slower-paced courses that the school nonetheless argues should be accepted as core courses for initial eligibility. “Nobody has come to me to say, ‘Here’s evidence that your Curriculum 2 is subpar,’” […]

NCAA Miami Problems Show Need for Federal Takeover

There’s an old saying that once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is a trend. When information about the Shabazz Muhammad Investigation slipped out through an investigator’s boyfriend, that could be written off as one of those things that just happen. Not even CIA agents keep everything from their spouses. And the information coming […]

Men’s Basketball Q&A Has Good News For Nonqualifiers

The NCAA released three education columns regarding the men’s basketball changes from last year. One is about the men’s basketball recruiting model and generally has nothing groundbreaking. Another regarding on-campus evaluations (a.k.a. tryouts) has nothing of note either, except perhaps how the NCAA has enabled tryouts for midyear transfers. But one, regarding summer practice in […]

Where the Penalties Against Frank Haith Could Lead

It seems like the countdown clock to the firings of Missouri head men’s basketball coach Frank Haith and a number of former Miami football and basketball assistants who are about to be charged with a variety of violations has already started. Both Jeff Goodman and Bruce Feldman of reported that the former Miami coaches […]

One Proposal Left Behind

On Saturday the NCAA Division I Board of Directors passed 25 proposals that deregulated a number of areas including staff responsibilities, expenses for competition, recruiting phone calls and text messages in addition to a smattering of other rules. All told most of these rules were low-hanging fruit, frustrations that many coaches, administrators, athletes and prospects […]

2013 NCAA Convention: State of the Association

NCAA President Mark Emmert started the annual State of the Association address with a number of stories. Those were stories about the first intercollegiate contest, a heavily promoted rowing match between Harvard and Yale; the first football games between Rutgers and Princeton; the use of football to build the reputation of the fledgling University of […]

2013 NCAA Convention: IPP Focus on Data

The Institutional Performance Program, the successor to the NCAA certification program, is as wildly different from its predecessor as just about any program in NCAA history. The old program was a once-every-ten-years process where athletic departments received what amounted to an accreditation. It was a time consuming and infrequent process. The IPP will at the […]

2013 NCAA Convention: Initial Eligibility Educational Session

The session on educational initiatives surrounding the new initial eligibility standards was not a chance to rehash the legislation, but instead focused more exclusively on getting the word out to high schools and prospects about the new changes. All of the panel talked about the urgency and, in the words of John Morris, deputy AD […]

2013 NCAA Convention: DIII Student-Athlete Well-Being Notes

The theme of the eductional session on trends in student-athlete well-being at the Division III level was doing more with less. As much as Division I gets criticized for not doing enough for athletes, the top level has plenty of resources. And certainly when a student-athlete well-being issue comes up, especially one that draws attention […]

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