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Our athletic recruiting and scouting service can help you when applying for college skiing scholarships. It doesn’t matter how good you are; to get recruited and be in line for a skiing scholarship you need to tell the college coaches who you are and why you deserve to be recruited.

Not all athletic scholarships are full ride like football and basketball, so-called head count sports. Most are classed as “equivalency” sports, like NCAA skiing. Put simply, this means that coaches can “share” their allocation between a larger number of skiers.

This is good news for skiers. If we take women’s skiing as an example we see that a coach can divide the seven scholarships between a larger number of students. That could mean 12 partial scholarships instead of 7 full-ride scholarships. If you are good enough, of course, then a full-ride scholarship is always a possibility.

College skiing scouting is very competitive. College skiing scouts and coaches are looking for skiers with well-rounded talents. You should go to a college-skiing camp, It is a great way to get noticed and increase your recruiting opportunities and your chances of being scouted by skiing recruiters.

The process of finding and contacting coaches and dealing with the rules and regulations enforced by the NCAA and NAIA is quite a daunting process for both athletes and parents. The use of our professional sports scholarship recruiting service is a must for all athletes who are serious about skiing at college level.

Many fine young athletes are overlooked each year because they didn’t submit their athletic scholarship resume to the right colleges or left out vital information. It’s also a fact that many colleges simply don’t allocate all of their skiing recruiting funds because suitable athletes didn’t approach them.

The NCAA allows each Division I skiing program 6.3 scholarships for men and 7 for women. In Division II the ratio is 6.3 scholarships for men and 6.3 for women.

As a high school skier you should be aware that the standard of skiing at college level is very high. I would recommend that you attend a few meets to gauge the actual intensity of skiing at this level. Remember that only the absolute top skiers will be approached with offers.

Most skiers will have to market themselves. You can try to do this yourself or use our recruiting service.

Today there are hundreds of high school ski teams throughout the country, and all of these high school teams have led to the fairly recent introduction of downhill skiing as an officially recognized NCAA sport.

Attending a college skiing camp could be the best recruiting move you ever make.

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