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Athlete’s Bill of Rights. Proposed Californian legislation. The state of California could become the first state with a state bill of right that would help protect the rights of its college athletes.

Badminton. NCAA emerging sport. USA National Championship lineup.
USA Badminton is once again teaming with the Shreveport Regional Sports Authority for another exciting event that will feature men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles for the title of United States Adult National Badminton Champion.

Basketball. Duke University receives $1 million grant.
Duke University is receiving a generous donation from a former student. Duke basketball star Grant Hill and his wife, Grammy award–winning performer Tamia, are donating $1 million in order to establish an endowment fund for athletic scholarship support.

Benefits and risks of playing youth sports.
The experts have a consensus that there are many health benefits that kids receive when they participate in sports, and Gatorade Sports Science Institute Conference has created an online forum where parents can discuss and exchange ideas about the good and the bad of sports participation and its effects on young children.

Binge drinking by college sports fans.
In a recent study conducted by Harvard University, there is more binge drinking by college sports fans than noncollege sports fans. Targeted marketing by the alcohol industry is blamed for this statistic.

The college admissions and evaluation process.
While applying to a college may be fun, there is also a stressful side to the procedure. If the student is more aware of the college’s admissions procedures, this can help alleviate some of the stress that is associated with this process. Remember that it’s also important that your transcripts are in the proper order for evaluation by the admissions department of the college of your choice.

Equity in education.
American education is facing a serious crisis. The idea that there is “equity” in education is purely a myth, and unfortunately for our education system, we have the wrong people trying to address the issue. It’s important to realize that one passing test result will not take care of the problem; we need to make education something that even our poor students have the opportunity to receive.

Football. Is it time to reduce the number of football scholarships?
It’s a nagging question. At a time in our history when other team sports around the country including swimming and wrestling have had their budgets cut how do we justify division I-A football teams having 85 scholarships?

Foreign athletes. Determining amateur status.
What criteria are being used to determine the amateur status of a foreign athlete? It’s a question that college athletics administrators have to answer. There is no easy answer to this situation at the moment, as every four-year school in the NAIA and NCAA and two-year school governed by the NJCAA is trying to answer this question.

NCAA moves to increase graduation rates.
In order for many colleges not to lose scholarships, the NCAA is mandating that their sport teams have to stay on track by requiring that at least 50 percent of students have to pass and graduate, and teams that have a projected graduation rate of less than 50 percent will could be subject to penalties.

Health coverage for NCAA scholarship athletes.

The NCAA is going to be allowing universities to provide health coverage for their athletes on a year-round basis, and this coverage will extend to nonathletic health issues. This may have been brought on by state lawmakers who have been outraged by the way the NCAA was treating its student athletes in this regard.

High school recruiting.
It’s a myth that those college scouts are always finding the best high school talent across the country. The truth of the matter is that they just do not, so you have to make sure that you are taking care of three things in order to try to get a college scholarship, including your grades, getting exposure to these coaches and having a great attitude and how you carry yourself.

How to get a college athletic scholarship.
It’s usually an unfair playing field when it comes to college recruitment. Many deserving high school athletes are usually flying under the radar of many college coaches. Now with the help of, many of these athletes are getting the help they need to fulfill their college sports dreams, and the parents of these deserving athletes are saving money on college tuition, thus making it a win-win for all concerned.

Home school athletes do not have the right to play high school sport. Court ruling.
If your child is homeschooled and you live in the Michigan district, a ruling has been handed down saying that a homeschooled child may not participate in public school team sports. This decision was handed down by the state appeals court and upheld by an earlier ruling. This rule effectively hampers a homeschooled student from getting the assistance needed for sports athletic scholarships.

Ivy League colleges and athletic scholarships.
Journalist Caswell Adams of the New York Tribune in 1937 first coined the term “Ivy League” in front of his typewriter. But if anything, this tag was a bit premature because although for many years these Ivy League teams had been allied with one another, there was no formal group agreement addressing any team sports competitions until 1945, when the first group agreement for football was established.

Lacrosse. Adrian College.
Adrian College in their 2007–2008 school year began offering its college athletes the chance to play in NCAA varsity lacrosse. This was something not being done in other colleges across the state of Michigan at that time. The announcement had been made on November 2 by the president of the college.

NCAA proposed new athlete recruiting rules.
There have been new rules that were endorsed by the NCAA Division I Management Council. These rules pertain to the recruitment of student athletes. The intent is to “stamp out excesses and a sense of entitlement” in the recruiting of student athletes. This task force was formed in direct response to the attention that was being brought to bear on a national level concerning the alleged use of sex and alcohol when recruiting athletic prospects for college athletic programs.

Parental pressure and the high school coach.

Here is a true story that every parent should be required to read. When Mike Lee became the coach of the Newbury Park High School baseball team, it should have been a dream-come-true moment for him. But instead, three years later, Lee was fired from his coaching job, and he believes that it was due to parents complaining and attacking his character and integrity.

President welcomes NCAA fall national champs to White House.
President Bush welcomed the NCAA fall national champs to White House, commenting, “This is champions’ day here at the White House, and it is my honor to welcome some great champs. We are proud you’re here.” The president also joked with some of the attendees when he said, “Behave yourself up on the balcony. That would be you.”

Safety training course for sports coaches. Online course . . . Athletic Trainers Association.

With more and more accidents happening among our young athletes each year, it’s imperative for our volunteer coaches to have some sort of sports training as a foundation for their knowledge and for the continued safety of our young athletes. There is a new online training course available to these coaches called PREPARE, which teaches things such as how to handle minor incidents, such as nosebleeds and blisters, to more serious matters that could be life-threatening.

Softball. Finch tallies 15 strikeouts as USA women advance to Pan Am gold medal game.
Jennie Finch is certainly a winner. Finch, who’s from La Mirada, pitched for the USA Softball Women’s National team and help led the team to a 2–1 victory, which allowed the team to advance to the gold medal game. In that game, she struck out 15 batters and moved her ranking to 8–0 in the tournament.

Sonoma State University finds a unique way to fund its sports program
What do you do when you’re trying to raise athletic scholarship funds for a single school year to the tune of more than $250,000? Well, in the case of the Sonoma State University Athletics Department, you think outside the box. Sonoma State came up with the idea of selling shares of two colts at $1,000 per share. Half of each share bought would be used as a tax-deductible donation to the school, and the other would be invested in a corporation that would be called Seawolf Stables.

Steroid abuse. American College of Sports Medicine.
The American College of Sports Medicine has said that they are concerned about the use of steroids and other chemicals that can enhance the performance of sports athletes as “serious threats to the health and safety of athletes, as well as detriments to the underlying principle of fair play in sports.” The drug THG was also mentioned because it’s a drug that’s used to help mask the use of illegal performance drugs.

Title IX: Teaching girls is more than just a game.
Yes,it’s true that girls also like to play sports. From little girls learning to play the game of softball to young college girls playing on the soccer field, girls are more involved in sports now than ever before. And along the way, they even learn stuff too. Nineteen-year-old Jen Frey had this to say, “You learn teamwork. Like in a job, you see that sometimes you can’t do it by yourself.”

Towson University Athletics Department restructure.
In order to help enhance competitive opportunities for its college athletes, Towson University is restructuring its intercollegiate athletics program. Towson University is part of the Colonial Athletic Association and the Atlantic-10 Football Conference. This restructure will combine men’s and women’s sports. For the men, some of the sports will include lacrosse, swimming, and golf, while the women’s sports include indoor and outdoor track-and-field and hockey.

Track-and-field. USATF Championship preview.
Being a fast runner is great if you’re looking to be considered for a college scholarship, but it’s not enough to get you one either. To help increase your chances of getting a scholarship, you are going to have to take steps to make it happen for you. Some things that you can do include making sure that your able to compete in a conference championship as a college freshman and making sure that you meet the needed academic requirements.

Wrestling. College wrestling coach’s lawsuit-Title IX

In a decision handed down on June 11th by Judge Emmet Sullivan, the lawsuit National Wrestling Coaches Association v. United States Department of Education was dismissed. The president of the Women’s Sports Foundation Dawn Riley said that this was the correct decision.

U S Olympic Committee Report
In a “Week in Review Report” from the U.S. Olympic committee, it was reported that in celebration of baseball’s 25th anniversary, there was a going to be a 204-card 25th anniversary USA Baseball Box Set on November 9. As light snow was touching the ground in the eastern region of the U.S., many of our top U.S. biathletes were in Beitostølen, Norway, in preparation for the start of the international biathlon season.

History of badminton.
In order to discover the origins of the game of badminton, you have to take a look back almost two thousand years. Back then, the game was called battledore and shuttlecock and was played in Greece, India, and China. The International Badminton Federation (IBF) was formed back in 1934 and had consisted of nine countries, including Canada, the Netherlands, and France.

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