How We Help You Earn a College Sports Scholarship

Question… What is a college athletic scholarship?

Answer… A college athletic scholarship is a grant awarded to athletes that compete at NCAA and NAIA colleges.

When we recognized a need in three distinct areas of college sports recruiting, began. Deserving athletes were flying under the scouting radar, parents of talented potential scholarship athletes were missing the opportunity to save thousands of dollars a year in college costs, and college coaches with limited recruiting budgets had no access to outstanding athletes outside their local recruiting area.

Enter, where our mission is to help high school athletes fulfill their college sports dreams while saving their parents’ money and providing coaches with talented athletes to fill out their programs. Everybody is a winner with

How do we do it? For starters, we have a constantly updated database that includes every coach for every scholarship sport at every institution of higher learning—that’s over 600 hundred colleges! We know what the coaches are looking for, and it could very likely be you!

For instance, there may be a small college in Colorado or Missouri that needs a defender for its soccer team or a freshman point guard for next season. How could you possibly know that? A college scouting budget can only go so far. We make it our business to know what every college is looking for and will have your resume in the appropriate coach’s hands in a matter of days. stretches every college’s scouting budget.

Sound simple? With our guidance, the recruitment process is demystified. Before you know it, your recruiter will pick up, and you will have scholarship offers.

And will be with you every step of the way. But don’t just take our word for it. Click on the testimonials link, and you’ll be moved by the stories of all the student athletes we’ve helped.

There’s Amanda McGeachie of Vancouver, who, with our help, was recruited and took official visits to four top 10 crew programs. She accepted a scholarship to Michigan State University.

Or Jamalcolm Morgan, who received a football scholarship to Methodist University. Rachel Rice is on a swimming and athletic scholarship at New York’s Adelphi University after she engaged the services of

Remember that if college coaches don’t know who you are, they won’t recruit you. Only a very small percentage of high school athletes are highly recruited, scouted, and offered college scholarships.

You can’t rely exclusively on your coaches or the limited connections of your friends and family to help make it happen for you. We are experts in recruiting with a proven track record that will maximize your exposure. Perhaps, best of all, we know how to target your specific strengths to a college based on their needs.

There really are very few secrets when it comes to college recruiting. Sure, we have the knowledge and contacts to help you reach your athletic goals. But mostly, it is a marketing exercise—and we are very well equipped to assist you there.

At, we pride ourselves in working on your behalf. If you have the desire and skill to play at the college level we will find a place that wants you. Your college scholarship could be just a click away.

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Author: David Frank

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