Title IX and the Rights of Womn in College Sports

Athletic Scholarships for Women

Since the enactment of Title IX of the education act there are now many more opportunities for women to gain college athletic scholarships than ever before. More and more colleges are “actively” seeking to redress the gender imbalance in sport.

The alumni and supporters of traditional men’s sports seem to be coming to grips with the issues and have accepted the premise that our daughters must be given the same opportunities and chances to play sport as our sons. University athletic programs are introducing more women’s sports and more women’s scholarships every year because of the application of Title IX provisions.

Girls and women in high schools and colleges have the right to equal opportunity in sports because of a federal law, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Put simply, this law prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs or activities at schools and colleges that receive federal funds. This includes the awarding of sports scholarships.

Title IX turns 31 this year, but many university athletic programs are still not in compliance. I have helped a number of female athletes apply for and gain athletic scholarships. In many cases their success was due to the university’s willingness to comply with the regulations. Colleges are now offering athletic scholarships to women in unprecedented numbers and in more and more sports because of the application of Title IX.

Many girls involved in intercollegiate sports are denied opportunities or are treated like second-class citizens despite these protections. The more you know about the rights of girls and women in sports, the more you will be able to take advantage of these opportunities. Sports play an important role in college for both men and women, and athletic scholarships must be offered on an equal basis.

In many cases colleges do not spend their full allocation of athletic scholarship money because not enough suitable women athletes approached them.

Pac-12 breakout star. Carlos Strickland.

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