Girls Play Sports Too: College Sports for Women

“an emerging sport is a sport recognized by the NCAA that is intended to provide additional athletics opportunities to female student athletes.”

Emerging Sports Scholarship Opportunities

Colleges are allowed to use emerging sports to help meet the NCAA minimum sports sponsorship requirements and also to meet the NCAA’s minimum financial aid awards.

The following sports are classed as emerging sports: archery, badminton, bowling, (bowling is now a recognized championship sport), equestrian, rugby, squash, synchronized swimming, team handball.

Once each sport is elevated to a championship sport it is removed from the list of emerging sports for women ( e.g. ice hockey and water polo.)

There are only limited opportunities available at this time due to the small number of colleges involved in these sports but the numbers are growing so if you feel you have the talent then contact us now. We can put you in touch with all the colleges that offer athletic scholarships for women in the above sports.

Remember that colleges are using emerging sports as a means to address the gender imbalance in college sport and to assist in complying with the provisions of Title IX.

These colleges are actively seeking female athletes to play these sports. Because of the timelines involved, some colleges are recruiting whole teams or, in other words, are starting from scratch. You have nothing to lose.

There are many other sports that are trying to or are being considered by the NCAA for inclusion as an emerging sport. Women’s judo is just one example.

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