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What should I look for in a potential college?

As an athlete you have more to think about when considering what school you might want to attend then a normal student. You need to consider the normal things like the educational and social opportunities, but also does the athletic program fit what you are looking for. Here are some of the questions I use when helping athletes.

Athletic Considerations

  • What coaching style do you prefer? Can you handle coaches yelling and being high energy or do you prefer a coach who stays more under control?
  • What are the athletic facilities like? Specifically, consider the training room and gym because chances are you will be spending a fair amount of time there over your four or five years.
  • How important is playing time and starting as a freshman? It is very rare for an athlete to come in and play as a true freshman. Sometimes athletes choose smaller schools or other division levels to get more playing time.

Academic Considerations

  • Does the school have your major or at least a couple different majors you might like to study? A lot of small schools have limited majors, but if the school has the major you want, it can be a great fit for you.
  • Do you like big or small class sizes? Huge schools with 20,000+ students have classes with 300 or more students in a single class. Does that sound like something you would like?
  • What type of academic support does the athletic program provide? Some schools have free tutors and additional support for athletes, other schools won’t. Do you think you will need the help in college?

Other Considerations

  • What kind of setting do you envision for your university? Can you see yourself in the big city like Columbia University in the middle of New York or more remote like the University of Wyoming?
  • Do you want to live next to campus or would you be okay with driving to and from school?
  • What kind of weather do you want to live in? You are going to be at school during the late summer, fall, winter and spring. If you don’t like the heat or want to avoid snow, make sure and take that into consideration when choosing a school.

Here are more resources on our site to help you find the school that’s right for you. You can also contact me directly on Google+ where you can email me.

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