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How do I know if I am being recruited?

You will know you are being recruited once you are receiving personalized letters, emails or phone calls from college coaches. Most of the time if you are unsure if you are being recruited, that means you are not.

Determining if you are being recruited is a critical first step to understanding what your next steps are in the process. The problem I see is most, is that athletes and parents think if they are doing the things other recruits who are actually being recruited are, then they are getting recruited as well. Here are the things I see that people often confuse with being recruited but doesn’t necessarily mean you are.

  • They are attending camps or combines without any coaches knowing they are attending. Just going to camps or combines expecting to get “discovered” is not how the recruiting process works for most recruits. If you aren’t talking coaches or national scouts, you aren’t getting recruited. You should be getting personal invitations to camps or understand you are going there to be discovered not recruited.
  • They don’t think they can be contacted by coaches until their Junior/Senior year. I see this a lot, where athletes are waiting until a coach can contact them. You should be emailing and visiting coaches long before your Junior year. Here is more on the rules of the recruiting process.
  • They are playing in big travel tournaments and see coaches at the tournament so they think the coaches are watching them. Coaches have lists of 30-50 athletes they come to these events to watch. They come in, watch those athletes and get out. If you are lucky enough to playing against one of those kids and the coach notices you, consider yourself lucky. Don’t leave it up to luck.
  • They are receiving letter from schools. This is probably the most difficult to believe, but coaches are not recruiting you if you are receiving letters about the school. They send out letters to thousands of recruits and use this purely to get kids interested in their school. If you are not getting personal letters from the coaches themselves, you are not being recruited.


The nice thing is, when you focus on the right schools and represent yourself properly with your emails to coaches, it’s not that hard to get the recruiting process started. If you have questions about where you are in the process or need help getting started contact me on Google+ (my email is there) or create a recruiting profile so one of our national scouts can contact you.

Are you ready for the NEXT STEP!