The Athnet NCAA Eligibility Center Infographic

Why We Are Doing This

It is the mission of our company to make the college recruiting process better for athletes and families. During the ten years we have been running this website we’ve learned that the most misunderstood parts of the recruiting process deal with the NCAA Clearinghouse/Eligibility Center.  We receive thousands of calls each year from athletes, families, coaches and school counselors asking for help concerning the Eligibility Center. It is our hope this graphic can help families and high schools with the NCAA Eligibility Center process.

What You Are Getting

You get a customized NCAA Eligibility Center graphic for your school’s website, complete with your school colors and mascot. Here is an example of how one high school is using the graphic. Below you can see the graphic includes facts about the NCAA Eligibility Center, how to register, contact information for the NCAA, core course requirements and a complete GPA & SAT/ACT sliding scale.

How is This Graphic Free?

We are offering this graphic for free as a way to introduce our free online recruiting resource to high schools and to fulfill the mission of our company; to educate athletes and families about the recruiting process. We make our money through our advertising partnerships and through those partnerships are able to keep our website free to our users.

It is our hope that if you use the graphic and find our website useful you will link to our website from your schools website.

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