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Am I good enough to play college sports?

There are two ways to answer this question. First is by having college coaches and scouts evaluate you in person or on film. Second, is by doing research on your own and being honest about where you stack up against current college athletes at the schools you are interested in.

For individual sports like track and field, golf, tennis and swimming you can get a good idea of how good you need to be by doing a little research.

  • Go to the schools website and find the roster of current team members.
  • Each athlete on the team has a short bio that talks about their college accomplishments and some of their accomplishments from high school
  • If you are playing in the same tournaments or have comparable times to the athletes already on the team, you stand a good chance of being qualified.
  • If you aren’t at that level and almost done with high school, maybe look at a lower division level. If you are just starting high school, now you know how good you will need to be.

For team sports like football, basketball, soccer or volleyball, nothing can take the place of coaches evaluating you in person or watching you highlight tape. If you don’t already, you need to begin making a highlight video and getting it online so coaches can view it easily. Our online profiles make this process really easy and let you see what coaches have viewed your video, but you can also use sites like YouTube. When you create a profile our NCAA certified scouts will contact you and can also make a preliminary evaluation about what division level might be right for you.

I have talked a lot about how to determine if you are good enough for a college team. Here are more resources. You can also contact me directly on Google+ where I have my email listed.

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