Water Polo Camps

Show College Coaches You Are Serious and Attend Their Water Polo Camps

Summer water polo camps offer a great opportunity to improve your water polo while gaining exposure. Simply put, the best college coaches in the country will be able to evaluate your skills and see if you have what it takes to join their program as a scholarship water polo player.

That’s why it’s so important for high school athletes who aspire to play intercollegiate water polo to attend a college water polo camp. These water polo recruiting showcases give you the chance to check out a college program that may interest you and the coach can get a look at a potential scholarship player.

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Water polo is a tough, physical game. It’s imperative that you show up to college water polo camp in game shape because it’s likely your college camp coach will test your fitness level at the first opportunity.

In the fast-paced game of water polo, much of the action will be predicated around the goalie and the hole man. When you understand this, it is easy to get a sense of how your camp will proceed.

Since the action generally flows through the hole man, so much of what you learn will be about passing or receiving from him or defending what he does. Will you front the hole man or play on his back? If you are that hole man, will you allow that to happen, and if it does, how will you react?

For field players, an expert coach can instruct you with techniques that will allow you to obtain open water and make things happen. Defensively, how do you best aid your teammates in denying that initial entry pass to the hole man?

Whether you’re a wing or driver you can do some damage from the perimeter. You won’t often be the first option out on the perimeter, but learning the give-and-go and other maneuvers that open the passing lanes will be something your water polo camp coach can help you add to your repertoire.

As a goalie, you will learn to play with your shoulders out of the water. You will work on lunging height until you have your legs propelling you like you never thought they could.

Speed and agility are a vital part of water polo. But can you catch and pass in one fluid motion? Can you climb out of the water like a jumping fish while pump faking—and all this just to keep the goalie honest and respecting the perimeter game? Do you understand ball control, keep away passing, or how to best exploit man-advantage opportunities?

A really good college water polo camp will help you master all these skills and more. You will be introduced to drills that improve your reflex and reaction time. More than anything, you will have fun and quite possibly return home with a water polo scholarship offer.

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Author: David Frank