College Tennis Camps

Find Out What to Look For in a College Tennis Summer Camp

Tennis exposure camps allow the gifted high school player to perform in front of college coaches. These tennis recruiting showcases may just land you a college tennis scholarship.

At the very least, a college tennis camp will help you improve your tennis. And now that the college tennis coaches know who you are, there is a chance you will earn that college scholarship. is a great resource for the aspiring college tennis player. All you have to do is click the athlete or parent button on the left, and we’ll help you get started.

Tennis is a game with many mental and physical challenges. Attending a college tennis camp is a good first step in meeting those challenges.

One tool the elite tennis camps like to use is the video feedback technique. This allows coaches to evaluate your tennis and give you on-the-spot instruction to improve your technique. The evaluation may reveal that your stroke needs to be simplified. Or perhaps you don’t move efficiently on the court to be in the best position to play the ball. It’s even possible that you aren’t using the right equipment for your style of play.

Whatever the case is, good college tennis coaches will follow an initial evaluation with some classroom work. Some coaches believe that understanding the basic principles of physics, biomechanics, and engineering can make you a more complete tennis player.

Of course, the mental game is a big part of tennis as well. Understanding how to overcome self-doubt and anxiety will help you win key points in competition, and your camp coach will want to teach you this.

How about learning to visualize a stroke’s outcome? If you’re not already doing this, a college tennis camp is a good place to learn and apply it.

There is a lot of gamesmanship that happens at the higher levels of tennis—you will need focus and concentration in order to succeed. Handling game pressure is all about learning to control what you can and ignoring the rest. There are practical strategies for mental toughness that help prepare your game for college.

Putting these skills to the test in match play will be key. This is where you can start to break bad habits and learn to trust yourself on the court.

So you’ve done all the drills that improved the force behind your strokes. You hit with better consistency and can place the ball where you want with an almost pinpoint accuracy.

Now, under match conditions, do you execute the lessons you’ve learned? Do you play with heart?

A college tennis camp can help you discover your playing personality. Are you an aggressive baseliner, a counter puncher, a serve and volleyer?

How did you respond to college-style practice? Did it make you wish you were already there, or did you figure out that you have a lot more work to do before you are scholarship ready?

For the answers to these and other tennis recruiting questions, is your one-stop shop for scholarship guidance. Just click on the athlete or parent button on the left, and we can get started.

Author: David Frank