College Tennis Camps

Find a College Tennis Summer Camp Near You to Increase Your Chance for a Scholarship

A college tennis camp will help you improve your tennis game. Attending tennis camps will ensure that the college tennis coaches know who you are and increase your chances of earning a college tennis scholarship.

Tennis is a game with many mental and physical challenges. Attending college tennis camps is a good first step in meeting those challenges. You may be wondering, are there tennis camps near me? We have the answer. Check out our 2019 college tennis camps list to find out what tennis summer camps are being offered in a state near you.

Find Tennis Camps Near Me

Check out NCSA’s list of upcoming college tennis camps for high school students, tennis exposure camps, and college elite tennis camps to find one in a state near you. NCSA has compiled a list of all college camps (by sport) to attend this summer. Save hours of time researching camps by using the lists which include the date, type, cost and location of each sports camp. Visit NCSA’s site to find hundreds of men’s tennis camps or women’s tennis camps near you today.

The Best Tennis Camps

What are some of the best tennis camps to attend? Here are some summer tennis camps we recommend you check out:

  • Nike Tennis Camps Nike Tennis Camps are offered for players of all ages and skill level at college campuses across the country. There are a variety of tennis camps to choose from including junior camps, overnight, or international camps.
  • Adidas Tennis Camps Adidas Tennis Camps are in over 19 states throughout the U.S. These camps are for ages 8-18 to get expert level training from elite tennis coaches. Coaches include former tennis pros, college coaches, and all-star players.
  • IMG Academy IMG Academy offers youth boys and girls tennis camps for athletes ages 8-18 of all levels. Camps are 1, 3, and 5-weeks long depending on your desired training experience.
  • Wilson Tennis Camps Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps are available for boys and girls ages 6-18 of all skill levels. Campers get individual attention, advanced training techniques, drill work, and match play.

What to Expect at College Tennis Camps

College tennis camps and recruiting showcases get you where you need to be, in front of college coaches. That is why these camps are sometimes referred to as college tennis exposure camps. The other key benefit of a tennis camp is the opportunity to greatly improve your tennis skills and techniques. One tool elite tennis camps like to use is the video feedback technique. This allows coaches to evaluate your tennis game and give you on-the-spot instruction to improve your technique.

Typically, college tennis coaches will follow an initial evaluation with some classroom work. Understanding the basic principles of physics, biomechanics, and engineering can make you a more complete tennis player. There are also practical strategies for mental toughness that help prepare your game for college. You may learn to visualize a stroke’s outcome. If you’re not already doing this, a college tennis camp is a good place to learn and apply it.

Ultimately, putting these skills to the test in match play will be key. Can you execute the lessons you’ve learned? This is where you can start to break bad habits and learn to trust yourself on the court, improve the force behind your strokes, hit with better consistency, and place the ball where you want with pinpoint accuracy.

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