College Swimming Camps

Swimming Camps Help You Get Recruited and Get a Swimming Scholarship

Becoming an intercollegiate swimmer becomes much easier when you attend summer swimming camps. In fact, college swimming camps give you the exposure you need, and college swimming coaches are always on the lookout for motivated swimming talents.

College swimming camps help athletes excel by taking their skills to the next level. Attending one can make you an improved swimmer. So, if you aren’t quite ready to compete at the college level when you arrive at camp, you just may be after taking what you’ve learned and applying it in the water. You may even get offered a college swimming scholarship in the process.

Find Swimming Camps Near Me

Check out NCSA’s list of upcoming college swimming camps for high school students, swimming exposure camps, and college elite swimming camps to find one in a state near you. NCSA has compiled a list of all college camps (by sport) to attend this summer. Save hours of time researching camps by using the lists which include the date, type, cost and location of each sports camp. Visit NCSA’s site to find hundreds of men’s swimming camps or women’s swimming camps near you today.

The Best Swim Camps

What are some of the best swim camps to attend? We recommend the following camps if you are searching for some of the best swim camps for competitive swimmers:

  • Nike Swim Camps Nike Swim Camps are for competitive and elite swimmers looking to improve their stroke technique, starts and turns, and overall performance.
  • Peak Performance Swim CampsPeak Performance Swim Camps and clinics are offered year-round across the USA and internationally.
  • Total Performance Swim Camps Total Performance Swim Camps are for more advanced swimmers and specialize in race-specific training. These elite camps are open to ages 13-18.

What to Expect at College Swim Camps

College swimming camps will improve every facet of your swimming, and that will make your chances for a college swimming scholarship that much better.

Competitive swimming revolves around four primary strikes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. College swimming camps will give you the tools you need to excel in each discipline. When you leave a competitive swim camp, you should be equipped to shave seconds off your race times with improved dry-land training at home.

To truly maximize your swimming potential, you will learn about establishing race pace and what to do for your post race routine. Many of the lessons revolve around focus and setting both short-term and long-term swimming goals.

What are the most effective training methods for swimming? As you mature and take your swimming to the next level, many college coaches will want you to explore and understand the science behind your training principles. You will quite possibly study kinetics, exercise physiology, and hydrodynamics.

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