College Rowing Camps

Attend a College Rowing Summer Camp and Improve Your Chances for a Rowing Scholarship

Every year, more young people flock to college summer rowing camps across America. As the sport continues to grow in popularity, many high school–aged rowers are becoming increasingly aware that they can earn a college rowing scholarship.

That’s why attending a college rowing camp is a wonderful way to expose your boating skills to college rowing coaches. And with a little luck and a lot of hard work, you too could be a scholarship intercollegiate rower.

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As anybody who has ever tried to move a boat across the water can attest, technique will win the day every time.

A college rowing coach will teach you how to train smarter. Rowing is a sport that lends itself to over-training and under-training. Striking that perfect balance is possible, and a great coach can help you find the sweet spot.

At college rowing camp, you will learn to blend force, endurance, and coordination to become a much-improved rower. Not only that–you will master off-water training methods that lead to better times and peak performance.

When you cultivate good work habits, you increase your fitness threshold. The inevitable result is you get better.
The high level of coaching you receive with a college rowing coach generally comes with a gentle but firm hand. Your coaches will demand discipline in all aspects of rowing.

And if we’re being honest, it probably takes this type of coach to motivate teenagers to get out of bed to train before the sun comes up. If you’re already doing that, you are a special individual indeed.

Inside a rower’s classroom setting, you will learn about physiology and visualization. They will teach you how to read weather patterns so you understand how to deal with wind and waves and a host of other potential distractions.

This is where you will study tactical concepts as well as principles of racing. How do you hold a lead? How do you come from behind in a race?

But let us be clear: you have to get in the boat to understand common technique errors, their ramifications, and how to fix them.

For instance, you can handle the oar like an Olympic champion, but you have to be able to work well and in rhythm with your teammates. If the timing isn’t right, it can make for a long day on the water. Of course, a bad day on the water—as long as everyone is safe—is still a good day.

So if you want to improve your stroke mechanics and learn some innovative training tools, then a rowing camp recruiting showcase is the best way to get in front of the college rowing coaches.

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Author: David Frank