College Lacrosse Camps

Improve Your Chances of Landing a Lacrosse Scholarship by Finding the Best College Lacrosse Summer Camp

A summer lacrosse camp will help you sharpen your skills while you compete in front of the college coaches who can give you a scholarship. College lacrosse camps are held throughout the country, although most of them are in the eastern United States where the game enjoys its greatest popularity.

Lacrosse is a game inherited from the American Indians, and it is exploding across the nation. So why not attend a lacrosse recruiting showcase and get in on the fun? is here to guide you every step of the way. Simply click the athlete or parent button on the left of this page, and our recruiting experts will help you get started.

Elite college lacrosse camps will focus on intense lacrosse training. Many will immerse you for days in skill building, lacrosse history, lore, and culture. Sound like a plan?

Lacrosse is a game of speed and power. Much of the skills at camp will be lacrosse specific in addition to building on your speed and power.

However, agility and technique come into play as well. Hence, there will be plenty of footwork and stick work training.

When you make it to the higher levels of lacrosse, the game becomes more physical. This is where some instruction in weight training can elevate your game. Physical contact and learning to scrap for every loose ball rule the day.

Although body checking is increasingly part of men’s lacrosse, it is generally discouraged in the women’s game, where stick handling and strategy are at a premium. Although this may lead to less fouling in women’s lacrosse, it would be untrue to say the ladies do not need to know how to mix it up.

The excellent coaching you receive at a college lacrosse camp does not stop with the essential skills like cradling. You will be taught how to play man up or man down and how these situations will test your fitness.

What if you are a goalie? Do not worry, you will get plenty of work. Most top lacrosse camps will have shooting machines, which will give you not only lots of repetitions, but also it will give you balls coming from different speeds and angles.

Coaches stay up dreaming of special drills for goalies. The latest is mirror training, a technique borrowed from hockey.

The best lacrosse players are adept at dodging, whether be it to shoot or to feed a teammate. Dodging skills may seem instinctive, but like anything else, it can be taught.

How’s your crease defense? Do you know rebound positioning? Can you shoot off screens or, for that matter, on the run? All these skills and more are available if you attend a college lacrosse camp.

Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport so show up to camp game-ready and in shape. In addition, remember, where once you roamed the lacrosse fields somewhat aimlessly, a college lacrosse camp will teach you to roam with a purpose.

Your quest to play intercollegiate lacrosse does not have to be difficult. is here to help. Just click on the athlete or parent button on the left to get started.

Author: David Frank