Recruiting Mistakes

3 Dangerous College Recruiting Traps

Getting recruited to play college sports is easier said than done. Many high school athletes do not realize the amount of work that goes into the recruiting process, until they find themselves somewhere in the middle of it. Because there is so much to learn about getting recruited, it’s easy to be led astray. Most […]

Gambling on March Madness: Is it Worth the Risk?

Wagering on college sports is not a new concept, but there has been an exponential growth in the number of sports-betting cases being seen by the NCAA. Student athletes see betting on sports an opportunity to earn some extra money, especially if they are struggling with finances and paying for school. However, making sports wagers […]

2 Ways to Lose Your Athletic Scholarship as a Freshman or Sophomore

If you are looking for an athletic scholarship to pay for college you have to maintain your academic eligibility. The process of becoming academically eligible starts as early as freshman year of high school. While you won’t need to register for the NCAA Eligibility Center until your junior year, the classes that a high school […]

Negotiating for an Athletic Scholarship

Getting an athletic scholarship can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your sporting career. But not all scholarships are full-rides. Often times, you are left to find an amount that is best for you and the program you are considering. It is alright to try and get more money with your scholarship but make sure […]

5 Common Myths About an Athletic Scholarship

Myth: Athletic Scholarships Are All Full-Ride Scholarships Most athletes and their families assume that the athletic scholarships available for college are all full-ride scholarships. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Full scholarships are only available in head count sports. In the NCAA, the head count sports for men are football (DI-A only) and basketball (DI). For women, the head count sports […]

5 Lies Recruits Tell During the College Recruiting Process

Too many times recruits and families think of it as a game where you try to manipulate offers and opportunities to get the best offers. The most successful recruiting processes are ones in which both the coaches and the recruits win. We’ve heard all sorts of bad advice about how to get the best offer, […]

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