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Governance Reform Will Cause Division I to Shrink, Not Split

While this week’s Board of Director’s meeting is not the main event and there is still plenty of time for it to change, in all likelihood what is adopted will look very close to the steering committee’s proposed model and it will happen in August. Anything else, including major changes or a delay, will almost […]

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Shared Governance Process to Receive an Overhaul

Most of the talk surrounding the NCAA’s governance reform has focused on the autonomy that will be granted to the power conferences. But included in the reform package are changes to how all of Division I will adopt legislation that is earmarked for “shared governance.” Right now, legislation passes through up to four votes in […]

A Decade On, APR is Showing Its Age

On April 19, 2004, the NCAA Division I Management Council adopted Proposal 2003–112. That proposal had the following intent: To establish a program, with appropriate measurements of academic performance, that rewards those institutions and teams that demonstrate commitment toward the academic progress, retention and graduation of student-athletes and penalizes those that fail to demonstrate such […]

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Board of Directors Agenda Fleshes Out Autonomy System

At its April 2014 meeting next week, the Division I Board of Directors will be presented with a mostly complete version of the new governance proposal. Many elements of the proposal are already known, and include an expanded Board of Directors, merging of the Leadership and Legislative Councils, and increased input from student-athletes including voting […]

Draft and Amateurism Debates Are Basically Separate

Sean Deveney of Sporting News: The sources said that, in order to pave the way for raising the age limit, the league would be willing to expand salaries in the D-League, giving each team a salary cap and allowing executives with each team to sign players as they wish. Not only would that allow D-League […]

NCAA No Longer Accepting Coursework from 24 High Schools

Today the NCAA announced that 24 schools which use a company called K12 Inc. to provide their curriculum were no longer approved. All of the schools are nontraditional high schools, and their courses were found to not comply with the NCAA’s nontraditional course requirements. The schools are: California Virtual Academy – San Joaquin California Virtual […]

Transfer Feedback Yields Range of Opinion

At its April 2014 meeting, the NCAA Division I Leadership Council will once again take up the issue of undergraduate transfers in football, basketball, baseball, and men’s ice hockey. At issue is whether athletes who transfer in sports without the one-time transfer exception should be allowed to receive waivers to compete immediately upon transferring. The […]

NCAA Releases Q&A on Academic Misconduct

Today the NCAA released an Educational Column on “academic misconduct”. In it, the NCAA attempts to define more clearly the difference between academic misconduct, an “academic offense” and a “misconduct violation”. The Q&A builds on an official interpretation and starts by making it clear that institutions have a great deal of discretion in most cases […]

What Athletes Will Get Under the NCAA’s New Food Rules

On Tuesday, the NCAA Legislative Council adopted Proposal 2013–31-B, which has the following intent: To specify that an institution may provide meals and snacks to student-athletes as a benefit incidental to participation in intercollegiate athletics. 2013–31-B still needs to be approved by the Board of Directors and make it through the override period. The Board […]

NCAA Interp: Institutions Can Pay More Academic Document Costs

Helpful little interp published by the NCAA yesterday: The committee confirmed that an institution may pay expenses (e.g., document fees, express delivery charges) to obtain information or receive documents that are necessary to certify or evaluate the academic standing of a prospective student-athlete (e.g., transcripts, translation of transcripts). The translation of transcripts is the most […]

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