Blackburn College Athletic Scholarships

Blackburn College is a private, coeducational school established in 1837 and is found in Carlinville, Illinois, USA. It has about close to 600 students. The school was named after Rev. Gideon Blackburn. Blackburn College is one of the federally recognized work colleges in the country. They are the only one with the student-managed work program to help students gain leadership skills and experiences while managing other students. The school is known to be the most affordable school in Illinois.

Blackburn College is proud of the following achievements, 1 out of 7 work colleges in the country; ranked 17th place as Best Baccalaureate college c nationwide; Top 2 in the best value school in the Midwest; student faculty ratio of 12:1; average class size of 15 students.

Athletics Department of Blackburn College

The athletics department gives highest priority to the overall quality of all Beavers’ experience, be it academic, athletic or work undertaking. They strive to establish and preserve a positive environment of co-curricular activities for student athletes to enhance educational experiences while in college. Support of one’s character, leadership skills improvement, respect for others and the promotion of long lasting learning are all carried out by the department at their utmost effort.

Athletic Programs of Blackburn College

There are plenty of student activities that are provided by different club, groups or organizations. Some of the activities that will keep students busy are athletic events, movies, dances and concerts. There are many clubs and organizations that would interest each student and join in and have fun. The work program at Blackburn College requires a student to work at least 160 hours per semester.


The Beavers compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III and in the St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. The Beavers were formerly an Illinois Intercollegiate Athletic Conference member (1914 to 1923). The men’s sports are soccer, golf, cross country, baseball and basketball. The women’s sports are basketball, cross country, softball, soccer, volleyball and tennis. The Beavers stopped playing football in 2008 and 2009.

Guide to Athletic Scholarship at Blackburn College

Blackburn College provides a variety of financial aid for qualified students. These are categorized into scholarships, grants, Federal loans. Scholarships include the Presidential scholarship, the Heritage scholarship, Gideon Blackburn scholarship, Trustee scholarship, Alumni scholarship, William Hudson scholarship, Transfer Achievement scholarship, transfer Honor scholarship, Sibling scholarship, and the Alumni Legacy scholarship. Since Blackburn College is an NCAA Division III, it is restricted to grant scholarship related to athletics.

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