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50 Reasons to Contact College Coaches

Being proactive in the recruiting process is a must. Coaches are trying to evaluate hundreds of athletes each year, and the easier you make it for them to recruit you, the better your chances getting a scholarship will be. If you can’t think of a reason to update a coach, check out the list below. Is there something that we missed? Do you have another reason to update a coach?

The 50 Reasons You Should Contact College Coaches Now

1. Share you new highlight video with them on YouTube
2. Make sure they know your travel ball club team schedule
3. Let them know you will be attending their camp
4. When you receive all-league, all-region, all-state honors
5. When you establish a new personal best
6. When you beat a higher ranked opponent
7. When you get new combine numbers
8. When you get your SAT or ACT scores
9. The end of the semester/quarter to update coaches with your grades
10. When you are done with your season
11. When the school year is starting
12. When the school year is finishing
13. To wish them a happy holiday
14. When one of their athletes receives a prestigious honor
15. When they have a big win
16. After they win a championship
17. When you want to schedule an unofficial visit to their school
18. When you have submitted your application to their school
19. When you have decided to accept another scholarship offer
20. To let them know when another program has offered you a scholarship
21. When you have calculated how much your family will be able to pay for college
22. Letting them know how your summer time training is going
23. When you have game film from your best games of the year
24. When you have developed a new skill
25. If your team has won a championship
26. To ask for advice on what you should work on in the off season
27. When you have a new reference for them to contact
28. To thank them for their evaluation of your video
29. To establish a time you can call them
30. To find out what tournaments they will be attending in the spring and summer
31. To find out where you rank in their recruiting class
32. To ask if they are going to offer you an official visit
33. To ask if they are going to offer you a scholarship
34. To see what camps or combines they will be working at over the summer
35. To see if you can get tickets to their home game
36. When they receive an award or coaching honor
37. At the start of their season
38. At the end of their season
39. After they sign a major recruit
40. When you have signed up for the NCAA Eligibility Center
41. When you have signed up for the NAIA Eligibility Center
42. If you have narrowed down your list of potential schools
43. If there was a natural disaster near their campus
44. If the university gets a national honor
45. If a different team at the school wins a championship
46. To confirm when you will be visiting campus
47. To ask where you rank after they sign a new recruit
48. To see if they need more film on you
49. Just to say hello
50. Because you should try to always learn more about the program and university

Do you have trouble contacting coaches and have questions about what to do next? Leave your questions in the comments section below or ask us on FacebookTwitter, or Google+!

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