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4 Biggest Myths About The Recruiting Contact Period

I can only speak with coaches during the contact period

You are allowed to speak with a coach almost anytime as long as you initiate the conversation. This means you can call and visit a coach on their campus even during your freshman year and they can talk with you about playing for them.

Contact Period

You Can’t Receive a Scholarship Offer Until After the Contact Period

Coaches are making scholarship offers to eighth graders, freshmen and sophomores. Recruits are making verbal commitments years before their actual contact periods even start.

Coaches Use Contact Periods to Evaluate Athletes for Scholarships

Coaches in most sports are restricted to evaluating players only during the evaluation period. Generally, the only contact (as defined by the NCAA) allowed is  during contact periods.

Coaches Will Call and Visit Non-stop During Contact Periods

Programs are limited in the amount of contact they can have with each recruit during contact periods, so don’t worry about any individual program hounding you. If you are being recruited by several programs, then it might be time to start letting programs know you are not interested.

Make Sure You Know What the Contact Period Is

This is the time when a college coach can have in person contact with you and your family on or off the college campus. The coach is also allowed to watch you play or visit you at your high school. Coaches can write, call, or e-mail you during this time as well.

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