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What is a contact period?

A contact period is a defined segment of time in recruiting where college coaches are permitted to have face-to-face or in person contact (in addition to phone calls and emails) with prospective student athletes or their parents. This includes meetings, watching the athletes compete and visit their high schools, and write or call the athletes or their parents. The contact period varies for different sports throughout the years.

College coaches are allowed to email and call athletes during other times throughout the year, but specifically during the contact period is when a coach is allowed in-person and face-to-face contact as well. During an evaluation period, coaches are allowed to watch the athlete compete in-person, but they cannot have face-to-face contact with them.

There are several different periods in the recruiting calendar in which coaches are restricted in their ability to contact PSAs. It’s important to know and understand the various periods in which you can expect to be able to communicate with college coaches. Knowing this will help ensure your recruiting process is a smooth one.

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