About Alvernia University

The Alvernia University was formerly known as the Alvernia College. They changed to their current university status in 2008. They operate as a private educational institution in Reading, Pennsylvania and offer a number of undergraduate and pre-professional programs in different fields of studies. They also have a doctoral course in leadership. They are noted for their medical related courses and has achieved accreditation from several institutions.

Athletics Department of Alvernia University

The athletics department of the Alvernia University actively recruits new members that share their passion in college athletics. They provide them with the support they need in order for them to develop their skills and physical strengths. They are also keen in making sure that their student-athletes know that education will always be the number one priority and their participation in sports should ignite their passion to become successful in their fields of studies.

The college has several athletic facilities that were constructed to meet the needs of their growing sports team. They feature state of the art equipments that ensures the safety of their students.

Athletic Programs of Alvernia University

The sponsored athletic programs of the Alvernia University are: men’s track and field, men’s basketball, men’s tennis, baseball, men’s soccer, men’s cross country, men’s lacrosse, men’s golf, men’s ice hockey, women’s volleyball, women’s basketball, women’s track and field, women’s cheerleading, women’s tennis, women’s cross country, women’s softball, women’s dance, women’s soccer, women’s field hockey, women’s golf and women’s lacrosse.

They also offer intramural sports programs and fitness activities to the other members of the student population. With these in place, the university is able to enhance the college experience of their students.

Official Sports Team: Crusaders

The sports team of the Alvernia University is nicknamed as the Crusaders. They compete under the Eastern College Athletic Conference and the Middle Atlantic Conferences. With their affiliation with the NCAA (Division III), the Crusaders are given the opportunity to show their talents and strengths in the field of play. They work hard to reach their goals in athletics and are known for their discipline and hard work.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Alvernia University

The Alvernia University is a member of the Division III of the NCAA and does not offer athletic scholarships to their student-athletes. Though this is the case, they offer other opportunities in acquiring financial assistance that will help their students afford their goal to achieve a college diploma. The school actively invites all of their enrollees to apply for financial aid though they are not sure if they will be eligible for this. They actively give them the details they need in order for them to provide the needed requirements. With their efforts, 99 percent of their learners receive a form of grant that can be renewed each year.

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