Berea College Sports Recruiting

The Berea College in Berea, Kentucky is a higher institution of learning that focuses in Liberal Arts education that is combined with a work-study program. They offer bachelor degree programs in Educational Studies, Chemistry, Foreign Language, Art and History, Biology, Nursing, Religion, Techinology and Applied Design, Music, History, English, Computer Science, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Theatre, Peace and Social Justice and many more.

Athletics Department of Berea College

The athletics department of the Berea College aims to continue their current standings in developing student-athletes who do not only show strengths in sports but as well as in their other fields of interest and their classroom studies. To guarantee that they are able to do this, they do their best to provide them with the best athletic training, academic support and assistance in their personal endeavors.

One of the best assistance that the college has provided to their varsity team members is the athletic facilities that they have constructed over the years. They are able to maximize the use of the facilities and the other members of the student body also have a venue for the other activities on campus.

Athletic Programs of Berea College

The athletic programs of the Berea College include: men’s track and field, men’s basketball, men’s tennis, men’s cross country, baseball, men’s swimming and diving, men’s golf, men’s soccer, women’s track and field, women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, women’s tennis, women’s softball and women’s swimming and diving. The college also has three Spirit Teams: Cheerleaders, Blue Crew and a Band. They also offer other sports programs outside the varsity level like intramural and club sports.

Official Sports Team: Mountaineers

The nickname of the sports team of the Berea College is the Mountaineers. They compete with other colleges and universities who are also affiliated with the NAIA and the KIAC. The team has received a number of recognitions for the talents that they have shown in the field of sports and with their undying dedication to their classroom studies. The Mountaineers continue to work hard to make a name for themselves and bring honor to their school.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Berea College

At the Berea College, all of their students automatically receive a four year scholarship award upon admission. This can be combined with other grants from external or government institutions. The college may also cover the other school fee and the cost of the learners room and board. The coverage given by the school is dependent on the financial needs of their students. Because of their efforts and guidance, many of their learners are able to gather funds to settle 100 percent of the cost of their college education.

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